The Sun and Your RV or Boat

Published on 5/26/2018
Buying an RV or boat is an investment in a fun part of your life. Most people who buy an RV or boat do so to enhance quality time with friends and family. The cost of of this purchase can range from modest to extravagant. No matter what your investment is, parking your RV or boat in the sun when it’s not in use can cause significant damage to your investment. The sun can damage the gloss on the paint or any decals causing fading and decay of the color or to the gel coat of your boat. The sun will also wreck havoc to the roof or door and window seals. Tires will have to be replace much more often than on a unit park indoors or undercover. Undercover RV offers a shady solution to help you protect your investment from damaging rays of the sun. Check out our space availability online at